Equipment for Poultry, Livestock, and Pets

Brower Production Equipment

Brower's Top-Hatch Incubator
Chick and Quail Brooder
Cage Drinker
Round Feeders & Feed Cups
Reel, Flip Top & Slide Top Feeders
Small Founts & Water Cups
Brower One & Two Gallon Founts
Heater Base for Poultry Founts
Brower All-Poly Tip-Over Founts
Brower All-Poly Top-Fill Founts
Brower All-Poly Capacity Drinkers
Game Bird Feeder
Hanging Feeders
Laying Nest & Accessories
General Accessories
Thermometers & Hygrometers
General Heating Equipment
Feeders for Outdoor Pets
100% Energy Free Livestock Waterers
SOK10/SOK17 Shut-off Kits

Brower Tuff Tanks
Brower Mineral Feeders
Pig Creep Feeder
Creep Feeders and Waterers
Rotary Hog Feeders
Supplement Feeders
Brower Hog Feeders
Utility Drinker
Field Drinker
Sorting Panels
KRIT-R KOO-Z Insulated Bucket Holder
Performance One Box Stall Drinker
Performance One Model MP06 (For Very Small Requirements)
Performance One Model MP017 (For New Installations)
Performance One Model MP012 (For New Installations or For Replacement of Existing Drinkers) - The Knight
Performance One Model MP025 (For larger operations) - The King
KRIT-R Kanteen-30 Gallon Canteen and Base
SUPER INSULATED Steel Livestock Waterers

* HE10 Series Electric Heating Units
* Quick Reference for Water Valves
* Repair Part Lists for Super Insulated Steel Waterers