Top Hatch Incubator


Top Hatch IncubatorAffordable Technology - Multiple Applications. ONE UNIT DOES IT ALL. Clear top is standard, Phenolic tower protects eggs from uneven heat; protects newly hatched chicks from heat source. Automatic electric turning is standard. Tech Temp Control gives non-fluctuating heat.

14 Reasons why you'll never buy another Styrofoam incubator.

-Hygiene: Our tray is removable and dishwasher safe. Styrofoam pores hide pathogens and the surface cannot be scrubbed.
-More even heat: Our Tech Temp Control adjusts for temperature fluctuations caused by any changes in the environment. Tech Temp Control adjust to temperature changes more quickly than a wafer / snap action switch. Fewer hot spots and no forced blasts of air.
- Continual Air Exchange: Standard equipment fan gently mixes heated air which billows throughout tray.
- Protected rolling of the eggs: Accomplished with our STANDARD AUTOMATIC TURNER.
- Turning Rack: Does not need to be removed for hatching.
- Universal egg rack: No need to buy separate cups for different species.
- Built-in candling inspection system: No need to incur extra expense to candle for fertility and humidity.
- Total visibility to eggs: No more small windows covered with condensation. No extra investment for a clear top.
- Self-diagnostic heat source: You always know you've got heat - just look at the light.
- Readily available heat source: Replacement heat is far away as your nearest bulb retailer (60 watts, Candelabra Base)
- Newly hatched chicks safe from heat: The heating elements found in Styrofoam can burn the beaks of curious chicks.
- A complete design: No after-thought add-ons. You don't need to cut holes in Styrofoam to add our automatic turner cord set.
-No extension ring: Not needed for larger eggs such as goose and turkey because 7" (17.8 cm) of clearance is standard.
- Durability and value: You don't get a 1-year warranty on Styrofoam. Our incubator is designed for years of service yet our unit is comparably.

Incubator Specifications
Model No. Description Egg Capacity (approximate) Overall Diameter Inches (cm) Shipping Weight Lbs. (kg)
Chicken Quail Pheasant Turkey Goose
THI20 Top Hatch Incubator, 110v 48 120 48 24 16 18 (45.7) 11.0 (5.0)
THI20220 Top Hatch Incubator, 220v, 50 Hz 48 120 48 24 16 18 (45.7) 11.0 (5.0)