Jumbo Animal & Bird Feeder


Jumbo Animal and Bird FeederOur Rain Shield Will Not Leak. No Interior Ledges or Gaps to Catch and Retain Stale Feed. 148 Inches of Trough Space Sufficient for Up to 250 birds. Pan has a 13 inch(33 cm) cone in the bottom to provide good cleanout. Upper body steps out over the lower body so that there is a natural taper to facilitate feed flow. There are no ledges or gaps to catch and retain stale feed. Rain shield is molded into the upper body assuring water tightness.  No caulking is needed.  Animals cannot roost or stand on our rain shield. Rain shield extends beyond the trough 6 inches(15.2 cm). Height of the rain shield above trough is about 11 inches(28 cm). Trough circumference—148 inches(375.9 cm).  That’s 148 inches of eating space—sufficient for 240-250 pheasants. Cone shaped cover prevents roosting. Heavy duty cover handle and latch. Cover slides back and is retained with a cable design. Feed level can be readily determined through translucent side wall material. Body attaches to the trough with 12 galvanized steel 13 gauge legs. Each leg has 10 holes with ½ inch (1.3 cm) spacing allowing an adjustable feed opening. Heavy duty polyethylene material with hindered amine light stabilizer, the most potent ultraviolet protection. Wall thickness is at least .2 inch which is up to 3 times the thickness of competing feeders in critical areas.