Top Fill Founts


4 Gallon Poly Poultry FountTop Fill Founts PDF

BROWER ALL-POLY TOP-FILL FOUNTS offer maximum sanitation and longevity with Brower's Dura-Founts. Use one of our capacity poly founts and you'll never buy another double wall galvanized fount. For colder weather use, troughs will fit on our Model AEB Automatic Electric Base. Model AEB Automatic Electric Fountain Base. May be used with any size galvanized fount or with Brower's poly founts. Element carries 1 year guarantee; 100 watt, 115 volt. Model AEB will keep your founts open with temperatures in the single digits in a sheltered area. The AEB is not designed for outdoor use where there is apt to be single digit temperatures (or colder) with a wind chill. For use with our 3GF, 4GF, 5GF and 7GF all poly capacity founts, with any smaller poly fount or any galvanized fount.

- 4.5 inch (11.4 cm) opening... easy to fill permits cleaning the inside of the tank.
- Two built-in handles permit fount to be carried - even when full.
- Seamless tank will not leak.
- Tank is marked in 1 gallon increments for medicating.
- Tank and trough readily clean. No soldered seams where pathogens can hide. Trough can be removed from tank to further assist cleaning.

All-Poly Capacity Dura-Fount Specifications
Model No. Description Top Fill Founts Water Capacity Bird Capacity Overall Size/Inches cm Trough Shipping Lbs. Wt./Pack (kg)
Dia. Depth Height Pack
4GF 4 gallon Poly Poultry Fount 4 gallon (15.1 liters) 75 pullets 150 chicks 16 1/2 (41.9) 2 3/8 (6) 16 (40.6) 1 5 (2.3)
7GF 7 gallon Poly Poultry Fount 7 gallon (26.5 liter) 90 hens 140 pullets 140 broilers 16 1/2 (41.9) 2 3/8 (6) 21 5/8 (54.9) 1 7 (3.2)
AEB Automatic Electric Heater Base, 10 watt, 115 volt - - 16 (40.6) - 3 1/4 (8.3) 1 5 (2.3)