Accessories For Killing And Eviscerating Select from our complete line of knives for killing, boning and pinning, lung removers, and trimming shears.

Model No. Description
P400 Heavy Duty Apron. Packed 1
P401 Heavy Duty Apron, Knee Length. Packed 1.


Heavy Duty Plastic Aprons

Heavy Duty Plastic Aprons

Heavy Duty Plastic Aprons
- .015 gauge vinyl
-Withstands abrasions, acids, and alkalies
-29" x 35"(74cm x 89cm) or 29" x 45"(74cm x 114cm)

Low Cost Disposable Aprons
-Light and comfortable
-Use and discard
-Withstands abrasions, acids and alkalies
-28" x 46" (71cm x 117cm)


Model No. Description
DA2846 Disposable White-Coated Tyvek Apron. Packed 12



Model No. Description
S128 Poultry Killing Knife, Stainless Steel Blade
S130 Pinning Knife, Stainless Steel Blade
726 Boning Knife
475 Economy Shears-Straight Trimmers
1328KBR Heart and Liver Shears-Blade is curved right
4268BP Gizzard and Venting Shears-ball point prevents damage to viscera.
1010 10" (25cm) Sharpening Steel.
CLUNG Chicken Ling Remover, 11" long (28 cm)
TLUNG Turkey Lung Remover, 16" long (41 cm)
J-41820 3" Victorinox Slant point venting knife (great for killing, venting and neck work)
K-41822 4" Victorinox Boning knife (great for heads, necks and legs)

We also have available new, sharp Victorinox knives. These knives have been proven to hold and edge longer than comparable knives. Knives are to gutting, as scalds are to picking. See model numbers 41820 and 41822.



Plastic Coated Scalding Baskets

Plastic Coated Scalding Baskets - These baskets are a big asset in speeding up your scalding operation. Heavy wire is coated with tough vinyl plastic.

Model No. Description


Plastic Coated Scalding Basket, 14-1/2" diameter, (36.8 cm) top, 10"(25.4 cm) bottom, 9" (22.9 cm) high, packed 1.