Chilling Equipment


Commercial Ice Systems Cooler And Storage Bins

CHILLING EQUIPMENT Commercial Ice Systems Cooler And Storage Bins
We will work with you on your specific requirements. All purpose ice machines available. Single phase and three phase. 208/230V. 50Hz and 60Hz. We also have sourced walk-in coolers and freezers for large installations. Let us know your needs.







Chilling Tank Agitator Pump

Chilling Tank Agitator Pump
(Shown attached to PP430 Chilling Tank in the photo to right) Agitator pump maintains constant water temperature assuring a uniform chill. The pump can be moved so you need only one pump for several tanks. The standard units fits over the PP430 or PP412 chilling tanks. However, the standard unit can be easily modified to fit other tanks. Advise us of your tank dimensions and the type of material (metal, fiberglass, etc.) and we will quote.


Model No. Description
CTAP50 Chill Tank Agitator Pump. 220V, 50Hz
CTAP60 Chill Tank Agitator Pump. 115V, 60Hz


Large Capacity Chilling Tanks Large Capacity Chilling Tanks
These popular chilling tanks are replacing all other types in the field. Each unit comes standard with a heavy duty metal frame, heavy duty casters and a drain. Choose from three (3) sizes.

Model No. Description
PP430 Jumbo Polyethylene Chilling Tank 32" wide x 44 1/2" long x 37 1/4" high (81 cm x 113 cm x 95 cm). Holds 160 gallons (600 liters).
PP412 Large Polyethylene Chilling Tank 18" wide x 29" long x 27" high (46 cm x 74 cm x 69 cm). Holds 48 gallons (180 liters).
PP433 Small Polyethylene Chilling Tank 23" wide x 24 1/2" long x 19" high (58 cm x 62 cm x 48 cm). Holds 20 gallons (76 liters). (This tank is popular for giblets in larger plants).