Killing Equipment


Killing Line ConveyorsKILLING EQUIPMENT

Killing Line Conveyors

Conveyors are built for USDA approval. Units can be used with killing tunnels. Reversible. Vari-speed drive. Corrosion-resistant aluminum gearbox, drive and take-up. Stainless steel track and trolleys. Our bolt together design allows quick assembly and also permits easy expansion. 3/4 horsepower motor, 115V, 60 Hz. Order shackles separately. See evisceration equipment for list of shackles.

Model No. Description
KILL16 16 foot (4.9 meters) long conveyor, 26" wide (66 cm), 34 shackles
KILL22 22 foot (6.7 meters) long conveyor, 26" wide (66 cm), 44 shackles

Killing Tunnel Instructions PDF

Stainless Steel Killing Tunnel

Stainless Steel Killing Tunnel
Two models are available to work with either KILL16 or KILL22 killing line conveyors. Birds are killed as they enter the tunnel on shackles. The tunnel base is tapered with a drain hole. Both sides have wash nozzles with trigger valves and hose to keep tunnel washed down at intervals. Add-on sections are available.

Model No. Description
KLDT1W Stainless Steel Killing Tunnel, 48" wide x 94" long x 79" high, (121.9 cm wide x 239 cm long x 201 cm high). Use with KILL16 or KILL22.
KLDT2W Stainless Steel Killing Tunnel, 48" wide x 142" wide x 79" high, (121.9 cm wide x 361 long x 201 cm high). Recommended for use with KILL22.



Stunning Knife

Stunning Knife
Stunned birds are easier to handle and they bleed more quickly and thoroughly. Stunned birds have fewer bruises and broken wings. You speed up your processing operation. You can control voltage to various ages and sizes of birds or for changing environmental conditions. Virtually the only way to kill turkey.



Model No. Description
SK200 Electronic Stunning Knife, 110V, 50Hz, or 60Hz, single phase. Variable power settings. Includes power cabinet, safety knife and rubber glove. Unit features easy reset overload and ground fault interrupter for operator safety. Available with 220V, 50Hz-60Hz, Order Model SK200220.


Rack for Killing ConesRack for Killing Cones
Stainless steel rack designed to hold 6- model 54K cones, 8- model 53K cones or 10- model 53K or 51K Cones. Adjust height up to 60" (152.4 cm). Unit has 4 leveling feet. When you order cones, you also need to order model QRBT-IA brackets. Rack shown with model BRE214 poly tank (not included). Tank is 2' wide (.61 m) x 4' long (2.44 m) x 1' high (.3 m).


Model No. Description
BR48 Rack only. Order cones, brackets, and tank separately. Set up size 26" wide(66.0 cm) x 60" high (152.4 cm) x 48" long (121.9 cm).








Killing ConesKilling Cones
Four sizes are available, all constructed of 20 gauge stainless steel. Hemmed edges and lock formed seams assure no snags. Widths shown to the right are measured at the widest part of the cone, not the width at back edges.

No. 54K - For Large Turkeys - 12" x 20"
No. 53K - Turkeys, Roasters, Broilers - 10.75" x 14"
No. 52K - Broilers, Guineas, Duck - 10" x 13"
No. 51K - Fryers, Pheasant - 5" x 6"