Brower Equipment


The Brower name and product lines are now into their 10th decade of existence.  Product lines endure for that length of time largely because of responsiveness to customers and quality product offering.  In 1936, William Brower wrote in a catalog, “In every line of endeavor, there is always a leader in the field—one who has contributed a new and better method or has designed an outstanding piece of equipment.  This catalog presents the greatest collection of exceptional values.  I am more than proud of every item on these pages.”

We continue to strive to match Mr. Brower’s high standards.  Brower’s THI30 Incubator, CD100 Cage Drinker, 2GF and 2GFQ Two Gallon Drinkers, 3GF, 5GF,4GF and 7GF Founts, MPD20 and MFD85 Drinkers, GBF175 Game Bird Feeder, FPCR1 Pig Creep Feeder, LMF10, LMF20 & LMFFA Mineral Feeders, numerous patent protected features on our heated, energy free drinkers & stock tanks and our BP25SS Picker are all unique products developed by Brower.  We have scores of other products which meet or exceed any other offering in terms of features and values.

We very much enjoy doing business with all our customers, many of whom we count as friends as well.  Thanks for doing business with us.  As always, we welcome your critique and comments.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Wenstrand  -  President

Cynthia A. Wellman – Vice President, Sales